FEX fire safety systems and equipment

When a fire occurs, it is too late to think about prevention measures. The only thing that can be done is to be ready for fire at any time.

The most difficult decision is how to fight a fire.

> The solution is: Install fire suppression systems, which will be activated at the right place and at the right time.

We are proud to present FEX devices and systems for extinguishing fires, which extinguish fires solely with FEX liquid.

FEX liquid is unique in the world; it has a great effect in extinguishing fires with very little liquid, as well as a unique property that while extinguishing, it also takes away energy from the fire and lowers the temperature of the fire.

It is used in many markets of the world.

FEX fluid

FEX fluid is tested for fire classes A, B, F, consequences of fire C and under voltage of electrical currents (according to EN 2 in closed areas).


  • Extinguishing fires in open and closed spaces.

  • Minimum collateral damage when extinguishing fires in relation to extinguishing with water, foam or powder.

  • FEX fluid extinguishes 10× more efficiently than gas.

  • FEX fluid extinguishes 20× more efficiently than water.

  • Every drop of FEX fluid in contact with a burning surface creates an endothermal reaction where the fluid breaks down into gases (CO2, NO2), whose volume increases by 60×, the gas that is formed by the endothermal reaction smothers the flame, not allowing contact with oxygen, and persistently and intensively cools the fire on the burning surface.

  • Thanks to these facts, relatively small amounts of FEX liquid are required; a max of 5 litres/m² for successfully extinguishing a fire.

  • We guarantee the reliability of our products that are made with a strictly controlled and certified production process.

  • FEX liquid is not harmful to humans and the environment.

  • Most FEX devices and systems are activated automatically by the occurrence of a fire, automatic activation without the help of man and electricity.

FEX liquid fields of application

> It is suitable for fire fighting in the following cases

  • Electric power generation and distribution
  • Crude oil production and distribution
  • Road vehicles, ships, public transportation
  • Chemical industry, processing industry
  • Waste management
  • Oil industry
  • Telecommunication and IT equipment
  • Hospitals and health care centres
  • Hotels and restaurant
  • Shopping malls
  • Banks, post offices and other public institutions
  • Apartments and family houses

> We installed our fire fighting systems and equipment in the following units

  • Transformer stations
  • Compensation rooms
  • Electrical cabinets, instruments cabinets
  • Control panels
  • Computer servers, constantly operated computers
  • Measuring stations of oil industry
  • Oil wells, filling stations
  • Compression units of machine rooms
  • Storages of volatile and flammable materials
  • Battery units
  • Laboratories
  • Kitchen - fume extractors, kitchenettes
  • Smaller archives
  • Motor vehicles - buses, trucks, railway vehicles, machine rooms of ships
  • Smoking rooms

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