We have added a new dimension of convenience and safety to the »throw and extinguish« way of extinguishing fires. FEX grenades are intended for extinguishing fires in small closed spaces, where throwing the grenade from a distance can extinguish a fire.

Place it on an accessible and easy to access place.

In the case of fire, reach for the grenade by hand and throw it over the fire. The grenade will explode and fluid will extinguish the fire. The grenade can be used by fire fighters or security guards on patrol and it can extinguish fires that have just started.


  • The grenade can be easily thrown into the ource of the fire
  • Does not cause additional damage during extinguishing and the remaining fluid is easy to clean
  • 5-year work life
  • 2-year warranty
  • No maintenance costs
  • Simple mounting or dismantling

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 200 mm × ø 60 mm
  • Total weight: 600 g
  • Volume: The grenade contains 500 ml of FEX fluid in a plastic ampoule