Stable FEX fire protection systems

Simple and reliable way to protect your property from fire, especially on large and open areas.

Simple and reliable Stabini fire protection system with FEX fluid is designed as a zonal fixed fire system, which can be used in closed and open spaces. It is suitable for fire protection: chambers for paint shops, transformers (external and internal), diesel generators, plants for the processing of plastic materials (vacuum plant), warehouses for the storage of easily flammable liquids, timber industry, tunnels etc.

Advantages relative to other fire safety systems

Possibilities of activation
  • Automatic activation through a fire-alarm switchboard
  • PSemi-automatic activation through a keyboard or fire pushbuttons
  • Manual activation by opening the bypass valve
Operating mode
  • Automatic operation mode
  • Manual operation mode
  • Extinguishing does not depend on electrical energy
  • Possibility of delaying the start of the extinguishing
  • Extinguishing with only 5 liters/m² FEX liquid
  • Does not cause additional damage to the environment after use (no problems with fire water, foam, dust, harmful gases etc.)
  • Collateral damage due to extinguishing are negligible
  • Environmentally degradable liquid and is not harmful to humans and the environment
  • It is not necessary to close the premises (as with extinguishing with gas)
  • Extinguishing creates a protective film which is active for the next 24 hours (prevents the reoccurrence of fire)
  • From the onset of the fire until the completion of extinguishing, only 60-90 sec. (detection, confirmation and extinguishing)
  • The process of extinguishing a fire lasts only 30 sec

Comparison with stable systems that extinguish fires with water

The main purpose of Stable systems that use sprayed water is the the spraying of water which will prevent the spread of fire and allow the intervention of firefighters, and that is the reason why these systems must have a large supply of water or stable flow of sufficient amount of water.

The main purpose of the Stable system with FEX fluid is to extinguish a fire and because of its effectiveness, the time of extinguishing is approximately 30 seconds. After the extinguished fire, there is no additional watering as with extinguishing with water. Because of these extraordinary abilities, the tanks contain a relatively small amount of FEX liquid for extinguishing fires (the quantity is project designed for the surface of the fire).