Trailer for extinguishing fires

For extinguishing all types of fires, even in places that are inaccessible to fire trucks.

The fire fighting trailer, because of its size and mobility, is ideal for fires in the open air and indoors, in industries (chemical, automobile, oil), marinas, docks, airports (extinguishing airplane tires), all types of warehouses, paint shops, gas stations and for extinguishing of all means of transport, plastic, rubber, cellulose etc.


  • Harmless to humans and the environment
  • 2-year warranty
  • 20-year expected work life
  • Maintenance is minimal

Available in three versions

  • FEX 500 litres
  • FEX 750 litres
  • FEX 1000  litres

Technical data

FEX 500FEX 750FEX 1000
Dimensions1235×2435 mm1235×2435 mm1235×3000 mm
Capacity1000 kg1000 kg2000 kg
Amount of FEX fluid500 l750 l1000 l
Length of the hose25-30 m25-30 m25-30 m
Length of the jet30 m30 m50 m
Operating fuelgasolinegasolinegasoline